About BioLink

With expertise in DNA extraction, our development team has worked diligently to a provide a line of life science products to compliment our ClearYield™ line of Isolation Kits. Our emphasis on quality and improving workflow in laboratories studying molecular biology has resulted in a growing number of loyal customers. We are eager to work with and prove ourselves to you and welcome any request.

Why Choose Us

As a small, but quickly growing company, we understand the need for high quality support. We prioritize customer inquiries and work closely with our customers to provide the highest level of satisfaction.

Who We Are

The core of our company is DNA extraction. Our product line includes proprietary technology, developed by seasoned experts in this field, with 50+ years of experience.


Support is a priority. We are eager to help improve your research with high quality products and support. Call or email us with any request and we assure you of a quick and helpful response.